CSEP Software

CSEP Testing Center Requirements for Model Submission

Please refer to the http://northridge.usc.edu/trac/csep/wiki/CSEPModelRequirements for online documentation.

Please contact John Yu (johnyu at usc dot edu) to request a login to the CSEP development server for model installation.

MiniCSEP Distribution

As of CSEP Version 15.7.0, miniCSEP distribution is available as VirtualBox image for personal use.
Please refer to the http://northridge.usc.edu/trac/csep/wiki/MiniCSEP for online documentation.

Release Notes

CSEP software packages utilize many mathematical and statistical packages that are mostly Python based. Each release is packaged as an RPM and distributed to all testing centers as KVM virtual images.

The latest release is CSEP Version 16.10.0.